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fuck it

2017-02-14 20:45:41 by upsettispagheti

I'm such a failure.  Everything I do is mediocre.  I might as well not even try.


2017-02-12 23:17:15 by upsettispagheti

I know I'm not supposed to beg  to be scouted but I wish it would happen so my  stuff can actually show up in the  portal.  Am I that shit of an artist?

Animation Status

2016-12-02 19:53:18 by upsettispagheti

Hey guys! Just giving a quick update on my latest animation.  I've done about half of it, but finals are coming up at school so I probably won't have much time to work on it.  Production should speed up after the 15th of this month.

Hey what's up fuckwads! I'm working on a new animation that's longer, better, and more erect than anything I've done before.  Although  it won't be done for at least another month because I'm a full time college student who can only animate fbf using an app on my phone.5971091_147813597641_spicememe.jpg


2016-10-29 16:21:30 by upsettispagheti

Thanks for all of the positive comments on my latest animation! It inspires me to make more stuff that's of better quality.  You guys rock!

Its a loop.  But it's an A E S T H E T I C  loop.

New Content Maybe??

2016-08-23 16:48:05 by upsettispagheti

Hey so I haven't posted shit in a while because I was super depressed and hated everything I made and shit like that anyway I'm working on a new movie and I might upload some more art this week so yeah...


Oh I finally got some decent editing software so the quality won't look like I pulled it out of 2006s anus.

Clock Day 2016 FUCKERS

2016-08-06 22:24:19 by upsettispagheti

Clock day animation is out early because i GET SHIT DONE anyway check it out i used a shiity animating app on my phone and windows movie maker so quality is 10/10 would stick a banana up my ass5971091_147053665223_metho.jpg

Passing Judgement

2016-07-23 14:23:29 by upsettispagheti

My first animation passed judgement! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Clock day animation coming soon!!