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Entry #11

fuck it

2017-02-14 20:45:41 by upsettispagheti

I'm such a failure.  Everything I do is mediocre.  I might as well not even try.


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2017-02-14 21:17:01

You pretty much quoted my mantra, except you actually tried. I didn't even bother to go that far. :(


2017-02-14 22:39:59

Come on, now; don't say that. Well, I mean, I also believe in those words to an extent, but just like Phronemophobia said, you did try. I worry about screwing up a lot, and that kind of stopped me from leaving reviews anymore, since I'm worried I'll say the wrong things.

I'm not sure if this is about your work here on Newgrounds or something else, but I do know that you shouldn't just quit. "Mediocre" isn't even a bad thing; at worst, it just means you need more inspiration.

If this is about submissions, then, well, you have to ask yourself if this is for a hobby/portfolio/etc. or if you're aiming to become, I don't know, Egoraptor. But whatever it is, you still need to practice and learn, and if you seek hints then this is a good place to start if any.

I am just an average John Q. Citizen so I don't know if this will mean much, but hey, I tried. :p